Sunday: 8:30am - 11:00am - 6:45pm 2677 N. 40th Street Milwaukee, WI 53210

Holy Cathedral

A Ministry that Touches People

Bishop’s Leadership Forum 2018 dates/and Jurisdictional Events

March 4, 2017, 12:00 am @ | View Map

Bishop Leadership forums are the first Saturday of each month!  Please plan on attending the Monthly Leadership Forum!  All leadership forums times are 10am-1pm

Saturday March 3rd @Holy Cathedral Church, 2677 N. 40th Street

Saturday May 5th @ Holy Cathedral Church,2677 N 40th Street

Saturday June 2nd

Saturday Sep. 1st

Saturday Oct. 6th

Wisconsin Northwest Music Day, Saturday March 10, 2018

Sunday School Dept. Lunch & Learn, Tuesday March 17, 2018


Minister’s & Workers Meeting 2018

Tuesday March 20-Sunday March 25, 2018, Holy Cathedral Church, 2677 N. 40th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53210, Official Day Services, Mason Temple Church, 6pm

Spring District Conferences

Monday April 16-Friday April 20, 2018.  More information will be forthcoming during the Bishop’s Forum Meetings.

All Districts on Deck, Monday April 6th @ Holy Cathedral

Bethel District – Superintendent V. Crawley/District Missionary L. Suggs

Bishop A. Allen District – Superintendent L. Hawkins/

Brotherly Love District – Superintendent J. Johnson/District Missionary J. Edwards

Calvary District – Superintendent R. Rogers/District Missionary L. Madison

Canaan District – Superintendent W. Wright/District Missionary D. Burton

Family District – Superintendent A. Dupree, Jr. /District Missionary C. Daniels

Jabez District – Pending-Superintendent J. Saffold/District Missionary – Dr. S. Fouse

Trinity District – Superintendent/Bishop O. Tatum/District Missionary K. Tolbert