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A Ministry that Touches People

Word of Hope Ministries, Inc.

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CHM_MG_3512Dr. C.H. McClelland, Founder and Director of the Word of Hope Ministries, brings more than 19 years of experience in the area of social services, from Department of Human Services having worked as an administrator and social worker.

Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. 2013 Brochure

Because of the government becoming increasingly limited in providing various services to individuals and families the church is becoming more of a resource for the needs of the community. Word of Hope ministries is a ministry in the community that is committed to helping persons in need.


As Holy Cathedral’s ministry began to grow, Dr. McClelland and his congregation sought to affect change in this inner city community by creating a comprehensive family resource center.  The mission of the Word of Hope Family Resource Center and Technology Center is to provide a wide array of services to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and occupational needs of individuals and families in the Milwaukee community.  The Word of Hope Ministries offers these programs and services in a holistic manner and applies a case management approach to those programs that are outcome based.

Word of Hope is “a ministry that touches people”.

Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based community ministry created by Dr. C.H. McClelland who is the pastor of the Holy Cathedral Church of God in Christ.  Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. (Word of Hope) was established at its current location at 2677 North 40th Street in Milwaukee in 1996.  The main objective of Word of Hope is to “Effect a social transformation so that lives are spiritually empowered and humanized.”  Though the main purpose is to provide spiritual empowerment, Word of Hope realizes that its message is more readily accepted when it takes an active role in bringing social and economic change to the residents of the Sherman Park and surrounding communities.

Organizational Information

A faith-based community ministry now in its 20th year of operation.  Word of Hope provides a range of services in our resource and technology centers that are designed to encourage personal development and responsibility, and to help empower individuals and families to be productive and self-sufficient.  Our programs include”

  • Social Services
  • ATODA Counseling
  • Health Care
  • Employment Services
  • Mentoring
  • Computer Technology Lab
  • T2W2 (Training 2 Work Program)


Since 1996 more than 23,000 community residents have been served by a team of professional paid staff and volunteers with specific credentials and areas of expertise. We have helped them with health screenings and referrals, and substance abuse treatment; to learn new skills. Become gainfully employed; combat illiteracy and overcome educational deficiencies through enrollment in the Academic Enrichment Program, which fosters proficiency in learning and self-confidence, and we have also provided individual and family counseling to help them maintain and strengthen family bonds.

Word of Hope’s long standing presence in the community helps to establish strong and lasting relationships with individuals and families who come seeking our services.